Red Road FlatsSafedem has successfully carried out 16 tower block demolition projects for the GHA since 2005 and has also been appointed to demolish the two slab blocks at Red Road (153-213 Petershill Drive and 10-30 Petershill Court). These buildings are different from most other tower blocks in the UK for three particular reasons.

  • First is their height and scale
  • Second is their Steel Frame Construction and
  • Third is their high level of Asbestos Content.

This website has been developed to provide information specifically about the demolition of 153-213 Petershill Drive and 10-30 Petershill Court, Red Road. Regular updates on progress of the works and information will be posted on this website – so visit regularly for all the latest news.

Safedem Ltd is one of the leading demolition and dismantling companies in the UK. With offices in Dundee and Glasgow, our demolition teams are fully trained and equipped to work on projects throughout the UK, with our specialist services such as explosives and facade retention available worldwide.

Our assured demolition service is delivered by a highly skilled, experienced and professional team led by senior management who can draw on four generations of experience in the industry.

Safedem is working in partnership with the Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) to demolish hi-rise properties in the Glasgow area. GHA is one of the largest social landlords in the UK, with more than 50,000 tenants and 26,500 factored homeowners across Glasgow. GHA also play a key role in the regeneration of Glasgow alongside partners such as Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government.

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